Their Terms: Soleil Style Part III

Congrats!The crazy excitement of applying to college on Sunday, October 7th gave way to our standard busy week.  While we thought of our far-fetched plan and continued to discuss it, Chorus, StuCo, school plays and performances occupied far more mindshare.  When we received back to back emails October 16th and 17th outlining a multitude of policies and procedures for incoming students, we were fairly certain the letter would follow.  Indeed it was right behind.

While the technology tools available to college students have become more readily accessible, college procedures  are no simpler than my own Freshman experience.  Determining what hour of what day Soleil would qualify to register in the hierarchal puzzle, what pre-requisites were required, which classes were available to non-majors, what supplies were necessary for the classes and what would remain available left me frustrated.  Despite our advances in technology, the software used is archaic.  There wasn’t a drop down menu in sight.  Regardless, we muddled through and determined several classes of interest, should they be available by the time open enrollment allowed registration.

The day of open enrollment I was nearly as tense as the day my bar results were released.  Soleil had her heart set on a couple of classes that almost fit reasonably into our family schedule and I was loathe to find them full.  When the hour was upon us, we logged in and in mere moments registered her for her most preferred class.  It was almost too easy. My eleven-year-old was an admitted and enrolled college student.

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