The New American Dream

The American Dream can no longer be to have more than our parents. AMFlag

It must be to be more.

Perhaps nothing highlights the changes we are facing, and going to continue to face as a society, more than the current Recession. People who had done just what was expected of them for a lifetime, lost all material possessions, myself and my family included.

My hope is that it leads to an American Renaissance, our own cultural revolution, our shift from Industrial Modern, to Artistic Social.

It led me here: a place to question everything! A place to encourage my children to question everything! Do my children need public education? Does it serve them? Do my children need college as it is offered today? Do my children need to learn Chinese? Spanish?  French? Do they need to learn to code? Do they need Karate? Soccer? Art?

What can I give them, other than the McMansion, and maybe instead of the McMansion, so that they can more easily determine their path to happiness, adventure, love, service, and truth? How does my life work to serve them better? And equally important as a parent striving to be mentally and physically healthy and fulfilled for myself and my children, what does my re-invented dream look like?

What can we do to adjust predominant cultural expectations and enable our children to be more?

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