Their Terms: Soleil Style Part II

NapkinWhen I say our research began immediately, I mean on the back of a napkin in the car in the parking lot of Petco.  It was October, and time was of the essence.  While I wasn’t sure whether there was a possibility she could attend a University given her age and education, we were swept by the idea.  On the back of the napkin we plotted a course to have her graduate high school and college at the same time, enabling her to enter law school at 18.

After spending that seven minutes riling ourselves up, we were unstoppable.  The next hours at home were spent on the computer, researching local universities’ policies on admission.  The closest university was that which I’d attended concurrently in high school, concurrently meaning I was released from high school for a comparable number of hours to that which I was taking at the university.  This was not an option, as one was required to be at least a Junior in high school.

Undeterred, we explored special student status, for none of which she qualified.  We explored the entirety of the website for what seemed like forever, and then it occurred to me.  There were no age restrictions on part-time students, nor were they required to have ACT scores if matriculating only part-time.  We weren’t looking for a degree in four years. We were just looking for a class or two. We hoped we’d found our in.

We filled out the application online, and paid the application fee.  We balked for a minute when asked for Soleil’s birthdate, wondering if it would make the difference between admission and the lack thereof.  We submitted immunization records, education experience, and answered pages upon pages of questions, hit “send,” and held our breath.

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