First Day of College @ Age 11

SketchToday was the beginning of a different way of thinking for me.  I got to meet new teachers, new friends, and embrace a new type of education.  Because I’m eleven, you may think I’m starting middle school. I actually did that a few months ago. Now, I’m starting college, as a matriculating art major.

My mom drove me to the college and we climbed out of the car in the bitter cold.  We walked though campus, looking for the building and classroom.  As I opened the door, butterflies fluttered in my stomach.  This could turn out amazing, or disappointing.  I had mixed emotions as I determined my thoughts on the art class.

We’d arrived fifteen minutes early, so we chatted and waited until everyone was there.  The Professor gave us each a syllabus and I was surprised how few students had come to class.  We went over the syllabus and I was amazed at how simple The Professor made the class seem!

This experience will affect my life, and those of my siblings, greatly, by encouraging us to strive for success and reach our goals.  My amazingly cool parents are in the process of raising Linchpins.

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