Their Terms: Soleil Style Part I

Felicite & SoleilMy eldest daughter starts college tomorrow.  I say this three times fast. It doesn’t settle better.

Soleil (my eldest daughter, not the Cirque show) is eleven. And while I suggested college as a joke, this is largely her idea. And I approve.

We were having a conversation about all of the things Soleil would like to do and try: art, history, law, biology, chemistry, advanced mathematics, gymnastics, kung-fu, more art, chorus, volleyball, orchestra, literature, writing…the list was endless and I completely related.  I worked full-time through high school and college and regrettably missed so many things I would have liked to “try.”  Alas, public education required hours upon hours of unchallenging and unnecessary requirements, while negating our passions for all but two elective hours a day.

We determined there weren’t enough electives in Soleil’s day, nor would there ever be.  We also determined that, given her level of sophistication and maturity, the extracurricular classes for which we could pay dearly (yes, more dearly than state college), would be full of children who lack her level of intensity and dedication, and generally frustrate her to no end, an experience she’d suffered repeatedly.

Here I suggested college classes so she could earn credit for all her exuberance, an idea to which she immediately glommed.  Her passion for the variety of study available was fantastic but foreseeable.  Our research began immediately.

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