Seth Godin TEDx

Seth tells it like it is:

What if instead of homework at home, we had the lecture on our own time (at home), and our teachers actually did the work with us? See the Khan Academy video.

What is worth memorizing anymore? How about we spend our time connecting meaningful ideas instead of memorizing. Open note, open book, all the time?

What if we weren’t limited by the eight hours at school? What if we could access any course, anywhere, and anytime?

What if education was precise and focused for each student? Like buying a car?

What if we end multiple choice? Computers are smart enough to handle it.

What if we end standardized testing all together?

What if we teach students to problem solve in teams, like in the real world? What if we end isolated education?

What if instead of teaching students to collect dots (memorize, and standardize), we teach them to connect dots (advocacy, and meaningful work)?

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